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Brief Introduction to the DETION


DETION CLUBS INTERNATIONAL, also called DETION Association, is formed by voluntary clubs around the world whose members are formal users of “DETION Influx”, an online business social information service platform established by Beijing DETION Technology Co., Ltd. It is an offline linking community serving and agglomerating online users, and constitutes with its online platform “DETION Influx” a global business social platform which assists individual growth and promotes enterprise development.

Taking the mobile internet as the main carrier and the UN’s promoting global economic cooperation and exchanges as its programme, DETION platform is committed to providing global commercial resources for users and members, forging a global service network of trade, investment, financing, production and information, cultivating new market, new industry and significant force with innovation as the development impetus, building a shared business platform, and structuring the community of shared destiny. Through various activities of learning and training, forum roadshow, business exchange and exhibition, it assists individual growth, endows members with abilities and promotes enterprise development, which makes users and members all over the world their bosom friends and maneuver and enjoy their life more freely.


DETION target

DETION technology is determined to become a global social enterprise.

DETION Tech aspires to become a global social enterprise and builds a global business social platform in the form of enterprise platform, platform systematization and information globalization. The online global business social information service platform “DETION Influx” and offline global business social club “DETION Association” - two parts of the platform are promoted synchronously. It implements invitation system, application system, real name system, membership system and annual fee system for both users and members. Till now, users and members of DETION platform have spread over more than 20 provinces and cities and regions in China, and it has possessed members and associate members in countries and regions overseas.

To better serve its users and members, DETION Tech originates interactive data think-tank service mode and establishes scientific management system. Through member management system, project management system, social sharing system, growth management system, demand supply system, product service system, welfare management system, information management system, it provides users and members with four service sections of connection expanding, business resources, learning exchange and shared platform. Gathering project resources, it brightens the way with wisdom, lets the growth encounter opportunities, seeks common and sustainable development and explores the infinite possibility of win-win.


DETION target

The International Club promotes the win-win cooperation between members and members, aiming at "our development".

DETION CLUBS INTERNATIONAL initiates the cooperation and win-win among members. With the purpose of “Our development”, it cares for the growth of members, endows members with abilities, advocates credit spirit, enhances friendship with each other, constructs business dreams and shares business platform, all of which improve the happiness index and promote the Great Harmony. Adhering to DETION’s spirit of "to develop with altruism" and founding Children Benefit, Juvenile Benefit, Youth Benefit, Senior (gerontism) Benefit on the base of DETION Association, it advocates family harmony, cause prosperity, social harmony and world peace to realize common growth. The goals are benefiting the family and society, remaining true to original aspiration, keeping mission in mind, linking the world, realizing the dreams, and promoting the global economy and the prosperity of the world.


The future is on the way with accumulated force. DETION CLUBS INTERNATIONAL has rooted in all over the world. Through its deep cooperation with well-known institutions at home and abroad, it has assembled excellent global resources and agglomerated wisdom to win its future.

Address of the Secretariat Room 406, No.17 Building, No.3 Yanjingli Middle Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Information Service Center No. 2452, Lijiang Road, Qunli District, Harbin